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Corporate Mission

The Mitsubishi Electric Group will continually improve its technologies and services by applying creativity to all aspects of its business. By doing so, we enhance the quality of life in our society. To this end, all members of the Group will pursue the following Seven Guiding Principles.

Seven Guiding Principles

1. Trust
Establish relationships with all stakeholders based on strong mutual trust and respect.

2. Quality
Provide the best products and services with unsurpassed quality.

3. Technology
Pioneer new markets by promoting research and development, and fostering technological innovation.

4. Citizenship
As a global player, contribute to the development of communities and society as a whole.

5. Ethics
Honor high ethical standards in all endeavors.

6. Environment
Respect nature, and strive to protect and improve the global environment.

7. Growth
Assure fair earnings to build a foundation for future growth.

Corporate Statement

Changes for the Better

The Mitsubishi Electric Group's corporate statement, "Changes for the Better," represents our goal and attitude to always strive to achieve "something better," as we continue to change and grow. It is a statement that promises "to create an ever better tomorrow" to our customers by the initiative of each and every one of our employees, who seek to improve themselves by aiming for "the better," and daily aim to "improve technologies, services, and creativity," as stated in our corporate philosophy.


Main Products and Business Lines

Programmable logic controllers (PLC's), inverters, servomotors, human-machine interface (HMI), motors, hoists, magnetic switches, no-fuse circuit breakers, short circuit breakers, transformers for electricity distribution, time and power meters, uninterruptible power supply, industrial fans, computerized numerical controllers, electrical discharge machines, laser processing machines, industrial robots and others.

Programmable Logic Controllers

Programmable Logic Controllers

Mitsubishi Electric's MELSEC series of programmable logic controllers supports a wide array of production lines and social infrastructure equipment, from control devices to safety assurance, information provision and instrumentation operations. Japan's top brand, the MELSEC series contributes to the construction of leading-edge systems, owing to its capabilities, performance, product variety and high reliability.


AC Servos

The MELSERVO-J3 series features the industry's fastest AC servo amplifiers, boasting high performance and capability. Functioning as drive sources that contribute to higher levels of speed and precision in production equipment and manufacturing devices, the MELSERVO-J3 series has applications in numerous fields, including semiconductors, FPD production and transport equipment, and industrial machinery.

Computerized Numerical Controllers

Computerized Numerical Controllers

The world's first equipment for effective control at the nanometer level, enabling faster and more precise processing. They contribute to higher productivity in automotive, IT and other industries.

No-Fuse Circuit Breakers and Earth Leakage
                      Circuit Breakers

No-Fuse Circuit Breakers and Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers

No-fuse circuit breakers and earth leakage circuit breakers are used for wiring protection and short-circuit protection in low-voltage circuits. Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide variation of products, including its brand new “WS-V” series, for both power distribution and OEM markets.

Demand Monitoring & Control Devices

Demand Monitoring & Control Devices

Mitsubishi Electric offers a broad range of demand monitoring & control products for installation in factories, shopping malls, office buildings and other facilities.

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